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Rags to Riches Collection

Royal Collection

"Rags" Clothing that was no longer wanted or needed. Re-purposed & Embellished to become something Special & Unique, a "Riches" Piece

Designs Created from New Fabric & Materials

Rags to Riches Designs is owned and operated by Sharon Dodsworth. Sharon learned to sew as a young teenager. She loved sewing through the years, especially when her children were young, making matching outfits for special occasions, including outfits for 18" dolls and beanie babies so that everyone matched. As the years progressed her children grew up and she no longer had young ones to sew for. In 2014 she adopted Royal, a blue eyed shih tzu mix from the Humane Society. They had named him Rags, because he was matted and dirty and looked like an old rag. Sharon and her family knew he was destined for royalty, so they named him Royal. We love to share his story of going from Rags to Riches.


This business is dedicated in loving memory of Elizabeth Curry known as "Aunt Bettie" from Rochester, NY. She is the loving woman who taught Sharon Dodsworth how to sew as a teenager. This would not be possible without her loving guidance through the years. She is with her heavenly father now, but her memory lives on in our hearts!!!


Royal loved being dressed up and participating in pet parades, contests, modeling, etc. Sharon began creating special outfits for these events. He has been the inspiration to begin Rags to Riches Designs!!

Now the family has grown by four more paws with another adorable shih tzu mix, Princess Mocha! She absolutely loves to dress up more than Royal and they make the best pair for Sharon to create unique pieces for them to model!!


Our Story

Photos taken by our official 'Paw-tographer',

Carissa Imel Photography            #dolphinsoul_creations

Production Partners

Melanie Weekes                Tiffany Scott

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